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If you are looking to launch your own on-demand delivery business startup, Then Here I have provided some on demand delivery business ideas.
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One sentence description of the idea.
The Manoula device relieves mother's anxiety by measuring the amount nourishment breastfeeding infant ingests
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The Relationship management app for Couples who want to work on their relationship. Helps you stay Couple using A.I. Suggestion Engine.
Perceiver (tm) is a unique platform for generating models and algorithms with a focus on data mining.
My name is Lee, a Chef located in Baltimore Maryland. I have a business idea for a line of handmade spices, sauces and marinades.
a websites that wants to know what you are doing, it finds and gets sites like blogs and mags online about what you are doing now.
We seek to build a social equity but for-profit infrastructure growth fund targeting East Africa.
Developing the worlds first c02 deployed urban life saving apparatus for infrastructure susceptible to catastrophic natural disasters.
SkySurf.Travel ( is the easiest and most efficient website available for finding cheap flights at any given time.
GliderCell is a mashup of thoughts, ideas, projects, plans and music. It's about the unexpected. New combinations. A "mobile think tank."
Modern desktop operating systems are anything but.
VoteMatrix is a political matchmaking system and social network run by your personal team of analysts working to make your voice heard
How do we set up a model for creating Internet Service through public/private partnership on a local/regional level?