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Image for Umergece

i want to create  clouds that are sites about what you are doing and will in the future predict what you will be doing. so say i am reading something, my friends and i will start reading topics about "reading"  (what im doing) that from the internet on the site, so its a search engine and a social media site.

it's a simple short text and then images which are websites brought together. you add people and they see what you are doing and the information that are sites about it all day. 

i want to find mags especially or maybe online blogs, books and music about what you do in the beginning, later i want to create an ai which will know where you are and will post information and pages about where you are or it will post more websites about what you can be doing now without you even writing down something.

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    User or Customer Base


    university students or young employees

    small to average income