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Duadle can be best described as a Relationship management app for couples. It will help you stay couple for longer. Consider it a simple “Pocket Therapist” for relationships which can understand your relation and then make suggestions based on the situation and status of your relationship. The app uses your daily relationship data to identify if there are any problems in your relationship and make appropriate suggestions to help you in your relation. Our proprietary A.I.(Artificial Intelligence) “Suggestion Engine” will suggest relationship improvement methods. And also will remind you of certain dates and moments you should share as part of your continued relationship with your companion.

The Artificial Intelligence engine which does a lot of Data crunching & habit analysis to understand the problem couples are facing. And then providing suggestions based on their requirement to help them work on their relationship. We are crunching a lot of personal Data & made sure that the Data should stay secure by encrypting the Data as keeping the network One to One only.

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