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FIN 398 - Business Project Instructions

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One paragraph elevator pitch for the idea.  If someone only had 30 seconds of attention, and this is the only thing they read to get interested, what would you tell them?  Think about what key points might excite a prospective investor, and what about the "why" behind the idea makes it most compelling.

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The Company


Enterprise Name: XYZ Inc.

D/B/A: Vandalay Industries

Location: Delaware C-Corporation

Organization Document: Link to Articles of Incorporation

Shares Authorized: 10M

Shares Issued: 2.5M


Shareholder Shares Held Ownership %
Jane Doeski    
John Smith    
Art Vandalay    


Discussion of Shareholder roles in the enterprise:

Describe who does what, including titles and basic roles.


Description of Intellectual Property and Regulatory Requirements:

Discuss any IP the company has or will seek to have, including trademarks, copyrights, provisional patents, patents, etc.  Discuss any regulatory factors that will be unique to the business such as licenses, registrations, or certifications etc.




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    Basic steps to set establish a new business in the US - 1) Decide what type of legal entity is best (ie: LLC, C-Corp, etc.). 2) Create the organization document(s) for the entity. 3) Apply for a Federal EIN number from the IRS. 4) Determine State/location to base your operations and register the business there according to State regulations. 5) Take the documents from the previous steps to a bank to establish an account in the name of the business for checking, credit cards, loans etc.