Send pictures to a digital picture frame or fax machine that prints images that updates based on feed to older adults.
A electronic time capsule that you can post any electronic items to store and open at a later date.
  • Time Capsule
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Families are busy.. Order custom meals for your family online and it will be shipped to a restaurant near prepared to your specifications.
Cargo Drone Shipping container that shortens the time it takes to load and unload cargo ships in half.
Unit attached to toilet with ability to do multiple tests to your movements.. tests to see if you've been eating correctly.
  • Internet of Things
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A platform that allows people to anonymously say things on their mind... Ultimately setting them free of what's bothering them.
As each generation of people passes many of their arts of their generations are lost. Lost to History logs all those in a narrative.
Capture the smell from one place and the transmit the scent over the internet to a remote location.
  • Digital Scent
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What if you were held accountable for every decision that you made since your inception? Would you make different decisions?
What if there was a machine that could produce enough power to continually propel itself indefinitely.
Wouldn’t it be great to have a tropical palm tree if you lived in a cold climate like Chicago? Or grow bananas in Maine?