Modern desktop operating systems are anything but.
What if there was a machine that could produce enough power to continually propel itself indefinitely.
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What if you were held accountable for every decision that you made since your inception? Would you make different decisions?
Moore's law says that computers will surpass human thinking by 2029.  AI from Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and Apple come alive.
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A electronic time capsule that you can post any electronic items to store and open at a later date.
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The Manoula device relieves mother's anxiety by measuring the amount nourishment breastfeeding infant ingests
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Developing the worlds first c02 deployed urban life saving apparatus for infrastructure susceptible to catastrophic natural disasters.
4D Immersive programmable chair provides the next generation immersive movie experience.
Families are busy.. Order custom meals for your family online and it will be shipped to a restaurant near prepared to your specifications.
The number of wireless devices per household is ever increasing. If you can send data over the air why can't you send power too?
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A inverse carwash for subway stations where the Sanitation Subway Cart cleans bristles and high pressure nozzles keeps stations clean.
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Blue Ice is only created in places with the cleanest air in the world. Making blue ice available everyone.
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