Umergence Crowd Capital seeking Board Members

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Emerged by David Logan
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Created on 01/17/2018
Skill Level: Expert (5+ years)
  • Board of Directors
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Job Description


Umergence Crowd Capital Corp is currently seeking executive board member appointments with backgrounds in:

  • Private Equity experience with a focus on Business Development and Managerial Assistance
  • Seed and Early Stage Venture Capital
  • Setting Strategy and Policy for Closed-End fund
  • Registered Investment Companies subject to the 1940 Act
  • Making introductions to his/her network for partnership opportunities
  • Management or operations of Startup Incubators/Accelerators


Company Overview

Umergence Crowd Capital Corp is developing proprietary crowd-sourcing methodologies around industry-tested investment selection process. While balancing entrepreneur, customer and investor input, Umergence Crowd Capital leverages crowd-sourced peer review and Artificial Intelligence to provide transparent seed and early stage investment opportunity accessible to the retail investor.

Umergence Crowd Capital mission is to provide retail investors the opportunity to own a diverse portfolio of high quality startup investments. Increase company success rates and longevity through Peer Review, Artificial Intelligence and Crowd Sourcing leveraged by the business development platform.




Additional Questions for Applicant

Please attach your CV to the application.