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    The following is a sampling of the types of business problems that Cooper Law LLC is prepared to solve. Each business problem links to a description of how Cooper Law LLC would solve or resolve the problem.

    Problem: A businessperson wants to purchase or sell a business.

    Problem: A business needs to raise significant funds through the private sale of its equity to finance growth and operations.

    Problem: A business needs to borrow funds to finance its operations or a bank intends to lend funds to a customer and needs to draft documents for the lending transaction.

    Problem: The shareholders of a corporation or the members of a limited liability company want to be sure that they can sell their shares or membership units back to the company for a reasonable value when they retire and that their partners cannot transfer their equity interests freely without the approval of the shareholders or partners. The company owners also need to be clear about how they will make decisions and resolve potential deadlocks (when there is an even number of owners).

    Problem: A business wants to be able to attract high quality employees and consultants through the use of incentive compensation arrangements. The business may also need advice concerning how to make an offer to a prospective employee or consultant or how to structure a severance package for an employee or consultant.

    Problem: A businessperson needs to figure out what form of entity (C corporation, S corporation, LLC, limited partnership, business trust, sole proprietorship or joint venture) should be used for his/her business and how many shares or membership interest units (or what percentage of the ownership) should be issued initially to the company’s founders and how much equity (how many shares or units) should be reserved for investors and/or employees and consultants.

    Problem: A business owner is in a controversy with one or more of his co-owners and needs to negotiate and draft a settlement of such controversy.

    Problem: A film producer wants to make a major motion picture in Connecticut in order to take advantage of the Connecticut Digital Media & Motion Picture Tax Credit.

    Problem: One or more persons wants to form a non-profit entity and obtain a determination from the IRS that the entity formed qualifies as a Section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt entity.

    Problem: An individual wants to provide for how his or her estate will be transferred to his or her children or others, to appoint someone to make health care decisions if/when he or she cannot, to provide advanced health care directions, and to appoint someone to manage his or her affairs if s/he becomes incapacitated.


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