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    Penetration Testing

    Vancord uses real-world attacks to find true security risks.
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    Dark Web Monitoring

    Vancord sounds the alarm when customer data is seen on the dark web.
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    Threat Modeling

    Vancord identifies the most critical threats and their impact to customer business.
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    Security Awareness

    Vancord improves security awareness of all members of an organization.
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    Vancord creates and improves organization information security policies.
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    vCISO Advisory

    Executive-level strategic security guidance to guide efforts and expenditure.
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    Incident Response

    Vancord acts swiftly to defend customers under cyber attack.
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    Vulnerability Assessment

    Vancord highlights gaps in IT defenses which impact customer business.
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    vCISO Advisory & Operations

    Executive-level strategic security guidance with engineering staff to deliver initiatives.
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    Security Operations Center

    Vancord fully manages your security operations and intelligence in a cost-effective way.
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