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Emerged by Lee Chazen
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GliderCell is a place for thinkers, creatives and possibilities -- a group working across disciplines to create all varieties of new content, but especially new programs in gamification, game-based learning and other types of self-organizing systems. 

Cofounder Lee Chazen has a professional background in education and business (see below) and works mostly as a writer, developing content and ideas for almost any kind of organization. 

I can help you or your organization with

  •  general content development 
  •  blog posts
  •  press releases
  •  white papers
  •  research 
  •  social media 

Specialties: education, curriculum, EdTech, FinTech, FinServ, gamification, cryptocurrency, blockchain systems and decentralized autonomous organizations, but can prepare content for just about any type of program. 

We can help you to 

  • Conceptualize, develop and write curriculum, lesson plans or games for most courses or fields of study
  • Prepare a gamification or incentive system for any company or organization, department (e.g. customer service)
  • Write a white paper for an ICO, blockchain company, app-based startup, Ed Tech, FinTech, FinServ or similar organization.  
  • Write or advocate for a cause.
  • Organize, develop, write or edit your company or organization’s content into a “Content Matrix,” and then set up a system to “stream it out” on social media at strategic times during the week.   
  • Prepare a campaign strategy
  • Build a “community” around a particular product, service or idea.
  • Create a content strategy plan integrating Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and your choice of blogging platform. 
  • Write and perform music for your podcast or TV show 
  •  Prepare a voice over / narration and script for radio, TV, podcast or movie (samples below under GliderCell)

Other Areas of specialty: experiential learning, curiosity-driven learning, project-based learning, collective intelligence, self-organizing systems, system design.

Recent projects

  • Designed a gamification system for an e-commerce company
  • Created content for a new crowdsourcing and crowdfunding  platform and
  • Designed a system for continuously streaming effective and engaging content for a Silicon Valley FinTech company. 

More about GliderCell 

GliderCell is a new word (derived from the band of "rogue" cells on Conway's Game of Life) to describe the creative forces that often arise out of chaos.

For a more detailed description, please see: and Episode Zero of the GliderCell Podcast.

GliderCell is also:

  1. A problem solving, creative content production group and cross-discipline mobile think tank, applying theoretical insights, scientific knowledge and other-worldly levels of creativity to construct better things.
  2. A podcast.
  3. An organization that supports learning from the bottom up:

And unique ways of encouraging creativity and extracting new and better ideas.

For more information on GliderCell, see: and



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