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Emerged by Bob Walsh
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    Sometimes you get stuck, lose traction, become unfocused, get lost among all the possible things you could do, you should do, to make your software business successful.

    Traditional software company professional services and consultants cost too much, are geared for funded startups, and don’t understand the challenges of being a self-funded startup.

    So let’s take a new approach to the problem: 

    You buy a single hour of my time for $147 USD. For that hour via Skype/phone you and I will focus on defining and identifying specifically what you need to do and how to do it to successfully market your app, productively run your self-funded software company, improve your startup web site or what other pain you are feeling as a startup founder.

    I’m going to help you get control of 8 to 10 things that will make a difference. If your pain is how to more successfully market your app, we will focus on what the next set of specific actions will make that happen. If you’re spending long days working, but don’t see the results, we’ll tear into your workflow and describe, define, make doable, the first set of changes that will really make a change. The objective is simple: nail down the top tasks that will make your startup pain go away.

    Then I nag you via email to get that checklist done, ahem, help you stay focused on that checklist of tasks until you’ve completed it. There are too many distractions, fires to put out – you need someone to remind you, bug you, encourage you, briefly answer questions when you get stuck and keep you focused on getting that list done so you get the results you want and need.

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